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GPSentry Lite

The all new GPSentry Lite is now available. The GPSentry Lite combines super-sensitive GPS technology with excellent performance and a compact design. It uses CDMA networks (Verizon, Sprint) for the best reception.

This is a hard wired tracker which is perfect for motorcycles, ATVs, assets, or vehicles.

At only 2.875″ x 1.875″ x 0.5″, it is smaller than your credit card. It only weighs 1.5 oz.

This is perfect for small vehicles (like motorcycles or ATVs), or small assets (like generators, electric signs, etc. which have a battery).

When not in motion, it updates its position once per hour. When movement is detected, it updates every two minutes.

Always no where your valuable asset is. Get a record of your rides.

Find it fast if it is stolen!

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