If you have multiple assets that you would like to keep an eye on, and you don’t really need full blown tracking service (updates every two minutes), GPS Tracking & Safety has a new low cost asset tracking option available.

This plan is perfect for generators, portable lighting, portable electric signs, trailers, RVs, heavy equipment fleets, or anything else you want.

Features of the tracking system:

  • Updates every 6 hours
  • Very low cost service is billed yearly
  • Full web based software suite included. Access your private, secure data from any computer, tablet, or smart phone
  • Always know where your valuable assets are
  • Find your equipment if it is lost or stolen

There are two tracker options available:

  1. The GPStealth for assets which do not have a battery. It has a super long liferechargeable battery. Pad charging. It can be slapped on any asset. It has three flush mount internal magnets with over 80 lbs. of pull force. It is flush mount to look like part of the asset.
  2. The GPSentry Lite for assets which have a battery. Hard wired. This mini tracker is 2.875″ x 1.875″ x 0.5″ (smaller footprint than a credit card). It can also be wired to monitor switches for on/off, etc.

For more information: GPS Tracking & Safety  or call (661) 480-2361