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According to the National Autism Association, “It’s estimated that one out every 68 individuals has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and according to a 2012 study in Pediatrics, 49% of children with ASD have a tendency to wander or bolt from safe settings. Individuals with ASD are often attracted to water, yet have little to no sense of danger. Drowning is a leading cause of death in children with ASD.

ASD wandering behaviors happen under every type of supervision and are usually a form of communication — an “I need,” “I want,” or “I don’t want.” Individuals with ASD will wander or bolt to get to something of interest, or away from something bothersome.

Nearly half of children with autism engage in wandering behavior
Increased risks are associated with autism severity
More than one third of children with autism who wander/elope are never or rarely able to communicate their name, address, or phone number
Half of families report they have never received advice or guidance about elopement from a professional
Accidental drowning accounts for approximately 90% of lethal outcomes
Other dangers include dehydration; heat stroke; hypothermia; traffic injuries; falls; physical restraint; encounters with strangers

GPS Tracking & Safety is a provider for all 21 Regional Centers in California. With a GPS tracker, you can always know where your Loved One is. Set up a zone anywhere you want (i.e. your home, or school) and get an instant text alert if the tracker leaves that zone. View your private, secure data on any web connected device (computer, tablet, or smart phone).

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