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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the top 5 industries where workers fall are: 1. Construction 2. Transportation 3. Manufacturing 4. Mining 5. Agriculture.

NIOSH states that “Falls are a persistent hazard found in all occupational settings. A fall can occur during the simple acts of walking or climbing a ladder to change a light fixture or as a result of a complex series of events affecting an ironworker 80 feet above the ground. According to the 2009 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 605 workers were killed and an estimated 212,760 workers were seriously injured by falls to the same or lower level.

The highest frequency of fall-related fatalities was experienced by the construction industry, while the highest counts of nonfatal fall injuries continue to be associated with the health services and the wholesale and retail industries. Healthcare support, building cleaning and maintenance, transportation and material moving, and construction and extraction occupations are particularly at risk of fall injuries.”

“Successful reduction of fall injury and fatality rates requires continued concerted efforts of regulators and industry leaders, professional associations and labor unions, employers and employees, safety professionals and researchers in enhancing the work environment, implementing new effective fall prevention and protection technologies, and improving the work safety culture through continuous education of the workforce.”

The most common places where workers fall are 1. Roofs 2. Ladders.

But what if a worker does fall? How can management and supervisors be immediately alerted so that medical help can be quickly dispatched?

There are small and simple GPS devices that can be worn on a worker’s belt. The key features of these devices are: 1. They have a FALL ALERT feature. If a worker should fall, it automatically sends a text and/or email alert to up to ten people. 2. They are small (2.375″ x 1.5″ x 1.0″), and have a long battery life (from 6 to 30 days) 3. The tracker automatically updates the worker’s position, all day, every two minutes while in motion, and every hour while stationary. 4. The tracker also has an SOS button, which will send alerts when pushed. 5. Your private, secure data can be accessed on any web connected device (computer, tablet, or smart phone).

This technology is not restricted to employees working at heights. It can also work for slips, trips and falls. Nearly every industry has a fall risk.

These devices are particularly critical to lone workers.

We all know that the keys to avoiding falls are: 1. A culture of safety 2. Training 3. Fall Protection. However, isn’t it time that your company takes the next step in a comprehensive fall prevention and fall alert system?

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