GPS Tracking & Safety has everything you need for your ELD (Electronic Logging Device) needs, as required by the FMCSA.

Whether you require ELD with full tracking capability for a fleet, or standard ELD capabilities tailored to meet your needs, we have it all.

Premium equipment and certified software at a competitive price.

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Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) will soon be the law. Get ahead of the curve now with GPS Tracking & Safety’s fully compliant system.

Automated Hours of Service

ELD Compliant

The new D.O.T. Mandates require the use of ELD Compliant Devices to assist in tracking a driver and producing Automated Driver Logs.

Our Applications not only produce electronic hour of service logs, they also monitor new and existing compliance rules including the following:

  • All DOT Compliance Rule Sets.
  • State Variance Rule Sets / Exceptions
  • Restart rules
  • New sleeper berth provisions
  • Rest break rules
  • Country specific rule sets
  • And much more…


e-Track Mobile Now Available in Google and Apple Play Store


Transportation Industry Segments Supported By Automated Hours of Service Application


Key Features

Our Automated Hours of Service Logs Applications is State of the Art and complies with all new and existing D.O.T. regulations.

  • Seamless integration with most GPS platforms using a sophisticated data interface
  • Advanced Alerting feature lets Dispatch and Driver know of compliance issues before they become a problem
  • HOS Reporting is available on most devices with an Internet connection including mobile smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers
  • Drivers can easily perform daily inspections
  • Current Day and Last 7 Days Drivers logs can be easily viewed, emailed or faxed upon demand
  • Emergency Alerting
  • HOS Recap Reporting
  • Internal HOS Audit
  • Advanced Administrative and reporting features

And much more…



1. Choose our GPSentry Lite or GPSentry Plus for full tracking capabilities. Coupled with a simple J1939 cable and bluetooth transmitter, plus software, they provide the ultimate solution: Full tracking capability and fully compliant ELD.

2. Choose the PT30 for a fully compliant standalone ELD solution.

The PT30 is a standalone Electronic Logging
Device (ELD) designed for Hours Of Service (HOS) in
compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Administration and other regulatory agencies worldwide.

The ELD includes in a single product all the components
required to implement a reliable and standard compliant
logger: J1939, J1708/J1587 and OBD-II protocol stacks,
GPS positioning, Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and
local storage.

The events generated by the device are stored locally and
also transmitted wirelessly over a Bluetooth connection. A
smartphone or tablet application can run in the foreground
to display information to the driver and/or in the
background to silently forward events to a cloud-based

The PT30 is simple to install: it requires a single
connection to the diagnostic connector port inside the
truck. Pacific Track’s Android and iOS SDK’s speed up
software development by abstracting the low-level
communication interface into easy-to-use API’s.

The PT30 can be connected to a generic cellular tracker
to forward events in real time, even in the absence of a
Bluetooth device. The PT30 can also report non-HOS
related data to create value-added functionality.

* J1939, J1708/J1587
and OBD-II compliant
* Integrated GPS
engine and antenna
* Bluetooth Low Energy
(BLE) wireless
* Large capacity storage
for offline operations
* Customizable behavior
to match customer
* 3-Axis accelerometer
for driving behavior
* Rechargeable battery
to monitor tampering







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