Keep Track Of Loved Ones with the New GPS Tracker

A Global Positioning System, or GPS Tracking, is the ideal system for keeping track of your Loved Ones. These trackers determine their precise position from data transmitted by the 24 GPS satellites in orbit. This position is then sent to our secure, redundant servers using wireless (cell) networks. GPS Tracking & Safety has contracts with all the network carriers, so they are able to transmit on the strongest signal (we are not tied to any one carrier). Our GPS devices will work anywhere in the US or Canada. As mobile networks may vary by country, please check with us if you plan on using your tracker internationally.

These personal trackers are ideal for children, the elderly, teen drivers, as well as autism and Alzheimer’s patients. Our trackers are very small so that they can easily be carried in a pocket, put in a backpack, worn as a pendant, or concealed in clothing.

All of our personal trackers have an SOS button so that your Loved One can alert you in case of an emergency. Some models feature two way voice communication which will automatically place a cell call, when the SOS button is activated, to the the primary caregiver you designate. All trackers can send a text and/or email alert to up to ten people you designate. Please read about the individual trackers for details.

We also have trackers available which feature FALL ALERT. This is very important especially for elderly people who are at risk of falling. If they should fall, you will receive an immediate alert. It is important to note that the popular home based systems (not ours) work only at home, within range of the base station. With a GPS Tracking & Safety system, you will get a fall alert regardless of where the fall happens. At the grocery store, the bank, on a walk, etc. Additionally, you will receive the location of the fall so that you may assist or send help.

Our software is web based, so you can access your private, secure data on any web connected device (computer, tablet, or smart phone). There is no software to install. The tracker leaves a ‘bread crumb’ trail on the map so you can see where it’s been. You can view this in map view, hybrid (aerial) view or street view, or in list format. Every two minutes, while in motion, you get: time, date, latitude, longitude, speed, direction, and address.

You can easily set up a geozone (or safe zone) anywhere you want. You can set up to ten zones. Then, whenever the tracker enters or leaves that zone, it will automatically send a text alert. You can also set up alerts for nearly anything (speed, operating at night, etc.). Here’s an example: Suppose your child needs to walk to the bus stop and take a bus to school. You can set your tracker so that it automatically sends an alert when your child leaves home. Then set a speed alert for travelling over 25 mph. This indicates your child is actually on the bus. You then get another alert when he/she arrives at school. The whole process is repeated on the way home. Its all automatic, your child doesn’t need to do anything. If he or she should leave school early, you would also get an alert.

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