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At GPS Tracking & Safety, we have the ideal solution for the tracking needs of private investigators, law enforcement, and federal agencies. We know that the two most important things to professionals in this field are:

  1. Excellent reception in varying situationsprivate-investigator
  2. Long battery life


Most GPS trackers require the device to be placed near the edge of the vehicle. This may lead to significant problems, including the device falling off due to poor location, or the device being spotted easily. We have a solution for this problem.

All GPS Tracking & Safety trackers have SiRF3 and SiRF4 GPS chips. This basically means to you that our devices have state of the art antennas, which allows them to be placed anywhere under or on the vehicle, with excellent reception. They can be placed on the frame, under the bumper, in the trunk, etc. with no reception problem.

Additionally, our devices have universal SIM cards. Unlike other tracking devices, they are not tied to one cellular carrier. They simply find the strongest signal, and transmit toGPStealth it, at no additional cost to you.

Battery Life

The NEW GPStealth makes professional GPS tracking finally simple. No more external wires, no more external battery, no more pelican case! Battery life of up to one year with the all new deep sleep function. Quickly recharge the battery with a pad charger. This allows for long investigations, without the need to retrieve the device and recharge the battery. Three internal magnets with over 80# of pull, instead of one external magnet. This tracker mounts flush to look like it’s part of the vehicle.  Device can be placed in seconds.

These units have a motion sensor which puts them into sleep mode until movement is detected.  Standard vehicle position updates (bread crumbs) are every 2 minutes while in motion and every 4 hours while stationary. Updates are customizable down to 15 seconds, however reporting frequency does affect battery life and data usage.

Additional Features

      • Geo Zone Alerts: Text and/or email alerts sent when any zone is crossed. Text and/or email up to ten people
      • Quad-Band for worldwide coverage (850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz)
      • Store and forward feature if out of cellular coverage
      • Position accuracy within 10 feet
      • No software to install. Manage and track from any internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone
      • FCC & PTCRB certified
      • 1 year warranty
      • Water Proof
      • 8800 mAh internal battery
      • 6 months of complete data retained


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